Client Profile

Building Relationships Based on Trust and Integrity

The Client Comes First

Tailoring Our Approach to Suit the Client

At BYD we understand varying client needs for different projects. We aim to develop engineering solutions that are safe and practically sound. Always with the goal of surpassing the requirements and meeting the brief. We focus on providing the owner and builder with a service with superior project support on the technical side and work closely with all involved on the design. We work with a multitude of different clients within the marine industry globally, tailoring the way in which we provide support to suit the needs of the client.

Superyachts & Private Owners

From Initial Concept to Sea Trials

When an owner wants to purchase a custom yacht or refit an existing yacht to their specific requirements. We can offer the support from the initial concept stage right through to the sea trials. Our job is to take the requirements of the client and develop and engineer these for the shipyard to be able to make them reality. 

Once the conceptual design phase is completed, a specification and technical package is developed for shipyards to provide competitive pricing on. A detailed design package will be created to build or refit the yacht with. After the build/ refit we stay with the project through the sea trials to ensure the vessel can perform and operate as intended.

Pleasure Yacht Builders

Complete Design to Engineering Support

The luxury yacht market comes in many different shapes and sizes. We work with numerous boat builders for both power and sail to help define and grow brands and yacht lines. Providing a varying level of services and support depending on the requirements of the manufacturing operation. From complete design to providing engineering support for certain aspects or 2D and 3D design. 

We work with full production or semi custom arrangements and utilise our vast experience to help productionise designs without compromising on aesthetic and quality to ensure we are providing a successful design that is efficient to build.

Commercial Builders

Public Government & Private Commercial

At BYD we provide design and engineering support for commercial workboat builders. Our range of services covers the technical requirements for many different projects that commercial builders might have from concept design for bid contracts or existing boat lines being built for public government projects or private commercial clients. Our range of deliverables are the same as for pleasure yacht builders.

We focus on the detail and development to make the build process as smooth and efficient as possible without compromising on quality and craftsmanship to ensure that the design meets the requirements of the contract specification. We offer varying levels of support throughout the build depending on the builder’s needs.

Repair & Refit Shipyards

Complete Design to Engineering Support

For Shipyards we provide technical support on a project basis or continually to bolster the engineering capabilities. Commonly we provide such services as  fabrication and working drawings, inclining and stability calculations after a major refit. Our experience gives us a great foundation to be able to design and write technical specifications for projects while providing assistance with regulatory compliance, creating solutions that meet the requirements and are logical as well as practical for the owner and shipyard to carry out.

Commercial Owners & Operators

New Builds to Refit Modifications

For commercial owners and operators we provide ongoing support for fleet operations. This covers anything from new builds to refit modifications, and assistance for planned surveys/maintenance. 

We draw on our industry experience to be able to meet and serve the needs of the clients at affordable costs. We provide a wide range of services from designs for structural modifications or refitting for changing needs. We also provide technical assistance with regulatory compliance and carry out stability calculations for either updating stability booklets or checking safe working limits for project operation.