Our Areas of Expertise

Marine Design & Engineering

At BYD we offer a range of services to support our clients through projects. We work with new builds, refits and provide ongoing operational assistance throughout the lifespan of the vessel.


From Concept to Construction

From concept to construction/production drawings BYD can help at multiple stages as required. We can help to determine the requirements of a new project and create the concepts and design statement, right through the detailed design and approval process. And developing the construction drawings or production drawings in various materials. This includes new builds and refit projects for which we utilise 2D and 3D cad systems to help with the finer details and visualisation for all parties involved.

Naval Architecture

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Naval Architecture is our backbone and provides the driving factors around making decisions for a vessel and its application. We work with a multitude of vessels from sailing yachts to displacement,semi-displacement and high performance planing hulls. Propelled with combustion engines, hybrid or all electric propulsion.

  • Inclining and Stability Booklets for intact and damage cases
  • Loading calculations
  • Resistance Calculation and propulsion design
  • Motion and acceleration studies
  • Velocity prediction calculations

Marine Engineering

Multi-disciplined Staff of Marine Engineers

At BYD we provide marine engineering services for various areas on the vessel. Our process begins with understanding the applications and requirements of the vessel and owner and class society. We use in house tools and leading software to help efficiently develop systems onboard a vessel. 

  • Machinery Arrangements
  • Propulsion design and selection 
  • Steering system design
  • Auxiliary systems like fire boat systems, Hydraulic, safety systems
  • HVAC System requirements and design
  • Pipe routing and schematics
  • Mechanical systems design
  • Custom component and system design
  • Equipment sizing and vendor selection

Structural Engineering

Composite, Aluminum, Steel and Wood

At BYD we work to a variety of Class Society Rules and Regulations for construction in composite, aluminum, steel and wood for direct calculations of the required scantling for a vessel to ensure it is built to a standard that meets its intended environment and operational profile. We use a combination of practical working experience and engineering principles to design structures that are economical and practical to build.

Along with Scantling development we provide structural kit packages made up of cut files for structural components, and assembly drawings to piece the structure together.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis): We also provide FEA analysis on local and global structural arrangement to check the response stresses and strains in areas to provide insight to the client on their vessel or to ensure that the arrangements suggested are up to the highest standard.


We Perform CFD Studies

At BYD we utilise Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study various forms and shapes, above and below the waterline. We use this tool as a virtual tow tank or a virtual wind tunnel to check a variety of aspects based around the surface of an object including:

  • Free Surface Flows
  • Resistance Calculations
  • Propulsion Interaction (Propeller / Appendages / Hull)
  • Seakeeping Analysis
  • Maneuvering Simulation
  • Wind Tunnel simulations
  • VPP Velocity Prediction Program

Project Management

Extensive Practical Experience

With our extensive practical experience we can assist in the projects for the owner or the shipyard to provide project support. 

We provide the following assistance: 

  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance and signoff inspections
  • Sea Trial planning and completion
  • Maintenance & Survey Planning


R&D Expertise

We can facilitate the creation of new ideas and innovation or building on existing theories to gain more knowledge. We can utilise the array of softwares currently used at BYD to validate, optimise or answer questions from an engineering standpoint on the possibility and feasibility of new innovations. We then structure an approach to take the innovation from concept stage to scale model testing and full scale building.


Support After Sea Trials Are Complete

BYD continues to support clients and their vessels long after the sea trials are completed. We stay with the vessel for ongoing operational needs. Including lightship surveys, condition assessments and/or getting ready for planned maintenance intervals.

BYD also utilizes the advanced computational development of 3D laser and photographic scanning. This greatly enhances our accuracy with the capture of the entire project. BYD uses 3D laser Scanning in the following ways.

  • As Built Models post construction or refit
  • Exterior surface capture for fast efficient refit engineering
  • Interior capture for refit projects of systems or accommodations.
  • Reverse engineering projects
  • Interference checks
  • Virtual walkthrough for project discussions