Designed for Comfort in the Roughest Seas

The BWIND CTV is designed for maximum versatility with a large working deck and comfortable interior accommodations for transferring crew and supplies.

Designed to provide comfort in unforgiving seas while carrying out necessary duties on the water. This vessel is available with conventional propulsion options or in a hybrid format to reduce fuel consumption but without compromise on range requirements. Designed to be state of the art and customisable for individual owner requirements.

Intended to be fabricated in Aluminum and for production building in order to meet the demands for vessels.


Length 98-115’ (30-35) Ft (m)
Beam 31’ (9.5) Ft (m)
Draft 5.4’ (1.65) Ft (m)
Propulsion Waterjet / Shaft Ft (m)
Propulsion Power 2 x 1400 HP