EPAX 500

EPAX 500

Specifications Efficient Hull Specifically Designed for Minimal Energy Consumption

The EPAX 500 is designed for maximum passenger efficiency and the ability to comfortably fit 500 passengers for sightseeing, dinner cruise or corporate events. The platform is versatile and easy to adapt to different requirements.

The hull form is specifically designed for the operating speeds in order to maximise efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the propulsion package. There is plenty of room inside the hulls to increase or decrease the battery capacity for the intended operation. The version shown is designed to be a propelled by battery electric and can be configured with generators to provide range extension.


Length 89.7’ (27.34) Ft (m)
Beam 32.8’ (10) Ft (m)
Draft 4.13’ (1.26) Ft (m)
Propulsion Straight Shaft
Propulsion Power 2 x 120 kW
Battery Capacity 1,560 kWh