F-40 Fireboat

F-40 Fireboat

Spacious Deck Layout with Heavy Duty Work Capability

The F-40 serves primarily as a Fire/Rescue vessel. However can also be reconfigured as a crew transfer vessel or Work boat with lifting capabilities. It boasts a powerful propulsion package configured for the hull and operators requirements to get from point to point in a hurry. Different power packages are available with this design.

Spacious deck layout with heavy duty bollards for towing. Can be designed with lifting arrangements over the side or A-frame over the stern to convert this design to a workboat. Bow pushers installed to be able to hold vessels when boarding or disembarking and if pushing onto a floating object is required.

The interior wheelhouse has seating for 8 passengers and 3 crew including optional space for a small galley to provide amenities. Great visibility all around with windows in the wheelhouse including windows in the roof to have visibility over fire monitor, or crew transfer operations. Below deck is seating/ bunk space with a washroom attached.


Length  12.02 m
Beam 3.24 m
Draft 0.58 m
Displacement 9.58 tonnes
Propulsion Twin Hamilton 292 Waterjets
Engine 2 x Cummins 450 hp
Auxiliary Engine Steyr 215 hp 
Fire Pump Hale MBP 1000 with Akron SS monitor
Fuel 585 litres
Fresh Water 150 litres