Starting the Year Strong

The BYD Team has had an incredible start to 2019 with lots of projects on the drawing board and existing projects progressing forward nicely. We’ve highlighted action from the first quarter of 2019 below.

Pleasure Projects


The Hull mould has recently been completed and has been rolled over, ready for the deck mould construction to begin. CML are in the thick of putting together details and implants to go into the deck. After this, attention will be on the interior mouldings and infusion of Hull 001. It is exciting to see the progression that has been happening and we will keep touching base as we move through the year.

Groen 50

BYD has been working closely with a client from Holland on a modern classic 50′ Express Motor Yacht which boasts some unique lines. With preliminary Exterior styling nearing completion, we will be moving onto the interior layouts to complete the Concept phase of the design. The Groen 50 will be constructed in Holland out of aluminium which will be supplied in a kit form cut by CNC. Other versions will be made available at request.

Commercial Projects

MW Tug/Workboat

The MW Tug/Workboat is the first work boat in the range that is being developed at 29ft in length and under 15 gross registered tonnes. The hull form has been designed to be stable for its various operation modes. These modes consist of general tug operations for pulling and / or pushing. It also features a work boat mode where deck area can be increased for moving cargo or transport. This Tug is aimed at small harbor/waterways operations or for civil marine works. The next size up will be a 35ft or even a 45ft version. which can be utilised for larger operations. Design was finalised to construction stage. Build is well underway with frames and longitudinals done and plating of the hull bottom about to begin. This work boat will house a John Deere engine with a 180hp with a 3:1 ration on the transmission. BYD is in the support phase for the construction providing drawings and technical details on the construction.

Whirlpool Jet Boats

Here is a sneak peek of boat number 18 for Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours who have locations along the Niagara River on both sides of the border as well as the Ottawa river. These boats are packed full of power and are expertly taken to the max in rapids to give thrill seekers an adrenaline filled ride. Over the last year we have been working on this new vessel which has the option of either exterior or interior seating. Interior seating is covered by an impressive dome and structure constructed of a custom-built extrusion to hold in the many windows that make up the paneling. The whole vessel is constructed from Aluminium and holds 62 passengers. Set to launch this year, support will continue with the final construction details, stability booklet and inclining experiments to be submitted to class.