There was a time when the South Coast of the UK dominated the global sailing yacht market and every builder had an offering in the 20ft range, with many being trailable.

With the exception in recent times of the Hawk 20, there aren’t many builders or new production 20ft yachts being produced in the UK, but that is about to change as a Southampton based design and build team have just launched their first production trailer cruiser; the BTC-22, a 22ft swing keel yacht that is fun and easy to sail, has 4 berths, and can be launched/recovered easily meaning owners can dodge eye watering mooring fees. It also consumes 1,400 used plastic bottles in its manufacturing process.

The Designers – Buckley Yacht Design (BYD) and Builders – Composite Manufacturing and Design (who have also built over 400 of those Hawk 20’s) built the first prototype, a lifting bulb keel version 3 years ago, and with a lot of development and the support of loyal customers have been working hard to develop the plugs and moulds for the production version.

Exhibiting on the marina at this years Southampton Boat Show (berth M126A) will be the all new “2020” version of the BTC-22. With its open concept, higher topsides and bigger cockpit, it offers an efficient deck set up, more deck and interior space whilst retaining a modern, sporty aesthetic.

The boat also packs some impressive green credentials, through careful material selection unique raw materials have been chosen that are made from recycled plastic bottles. On average each BTC-22 consumes 1,400 used plastic bottles in its manufacture. With the option of electric motors as well the BTC-22 could be one of the most sustainable boats in the market.

The BTC-22 will hold its current price of £29,950.00 until the end of the boat show after which it will increase to £32,500.00. If you’re interested in this modern, versatile sporty trailer cruiser, be sure to catch it at the Southampton Boat Show on marina berth M126A.

BYD was established in 2012 with 50 years design experience behind it. They carry out Turnkey Naval Architecture and Yacht Design services from conceptual design to the finished product including all after care design support, structural engineering, styling, refits and 3D modelling.

CMDL was established in 1979 and has historically carried a huge variety of projects up to 120ft. With CNC and fit out capabilities, they can offer Turnkey services for all aspects of Boatbuilding.